2023 Taipei Ascension Conference IGAG Official Note Day 2 April 9th

2023 Taipei Ascension Conference

IGAG Official Note Day 2 April 9th



Disclaimer: this note is a reverse translation of the Chinese transcript of 2023 Taipei Ascension Conference.  The translator team has done its best to present Cobra’s two-day session in this revised note. However, the content does not necessarily record the original words spoken by Cobra.  Some energy works and meditations  are omitted in this note as they should be experienced on site. Many details about Portal of Light activation are also omitted  as they are already posted on Cobra’s blog.  This note only serves as a reference and cannot present  the full content of a Cobra Conference. People who feel so guided are more than encouraged to participate in a Cobra Conference in the near future.



April 9th

We are going to talk about the upcoming Planetary transformation from the physical perspective. There are many versions of Planetary Reset.  The first and the positive version appeared in 2012, when the  alternative media published the information. When the dark forces knew about it, they created their version of Planetary Reset.


In 2020, World Economic Forum  announced a negative version of the Reset.  Now there are two timelines competing with each other. Of course the positive timeline will eventually win, but we will see many things in geopolitics and world finance before the final victory. As we get closer to the final breakthrough,  the gap between good and bad will become more and more extreme.


The old society is boring. This society was set up by the dark forces in the time of Atlantis. They utilized many layers of programming such as mainstream media, implants, physical /mental trauma , anomalies, black holes, and  various means of control. However, the basic mechanism of control is the same.


No matter if you live in Egypt, Taiwan or the United States, you are subjected to similar programming. The basic control programming has remained the same for hundreds of years.  This social control system is quite stable. Human body cells can store past-life memories, so those control programs are accumulated one life after another. This control  has been going on for 26,000 years.


There is a better and more magnificent reality that has been suppressed. As more and more cosmic energy enters the Earth, these layers of control programming are exposed.  They are becoming more and more obvious and  visible. The COVID pandemic in the past few years  has enabled many people to see  the control programming by the dark forces. People start to feel that the world is not quite right.


Before the pandemic, many people didn’t know there was something  going on under the table.  After the pandemic, many control mechanisms of the  dark forces were exposed.  These disclosures provide better conditions for the Event to happen.



As the light forces remove dark control programs layer by layer, the matrix structure becomes unstable. this society becomes less and less stable. Initially, everything goes as normal and usual. Banks open normally. logistics and transportation are fine.  As the light forces begin to remove layers of control programming, people  begin to see the anomalies in this social system. Then a crisis occurs, the system must add additional protection so that it can continue to operate. The system will go back to its normal state.  


Someday, the system will use up its  protection mechanisms.  As soon as all backups are exhausted,  the system will suddenly collapse and will never recover.  We have not yet reached the collapse of the social system, but we are about to see the collapse. signs of collapse are becoming more and more obvious.


We are watching two  timelines competing with each other. Of course the light forces want to trigger the Event. they will take advantage of the collapse and help the Earth join the galactic society. The dark forces have learned  in the past few years that the system will inevitably collapse someday.


When the Beta timeline collapsed in August 2019, this social system entered the point of no return.  At that time, it was known that the social system would collapse and nothing can be done to repair it. One aspect of the collapse is the financial system. Jesuits already knew that the old banking system would collapse.


The black nobility behind the Jesuits knew that the financial system would definitely collapse so they launched the COVID pandemic. They hoped the pandemic could  keep the old financial system going for a period of time.


You might remember that the financial system became not so stable in the first few months of the pandemic. You could see that the world system is not so stable. As the pandemic is almost over, the financial system suddenly became unstable again last month. The dark forces used up all the buffers. There is now no more buffer in the social system.


Although the dark forces still have a few ways to keep the system operating normally, they don’t have many  cards left. No matter what, this social system will collapse one day.


The light forces still hope that the social system will collapse in a stable and safe way so that there won’t be a logistical collapse or food crisis. We just want to reform  the old system, rather than completely destroy it. Water, electricity, food supply and transportation should maintain  their normal operation. We have to change the old way of thinking and doing things.  The most important  change is  to reform the banking system because it is  the core of the old system. One more important thing is that people must consciously remove their own programming and erase those old ideas


Most people believe they are right, so  there is no way to force them to accept a financial reset. When the reset really happens, humans will enter a short period of chaos and instability. people would usually panic when something they believe collapses. They need to clear all fears in their mind. I don’t know exactly what will happen, but the two timelines are competing with each other and a lot of things will happen.


Social pressure comes from two aspects. The first is inflation/ financial stress which  makes people think that the quality of life is getting worse. The  second source of pressure is cosmic energy activity.  As the Earth’s geomagnetic  field gets weakened by cosmic flashes, the Sun is stimulating human Kundalini energy. When  the accumulated Kundalini energy in the human body intersects with the social collapse, the reset will happen.


Military and police units around the world are not completely single-minded. Some military and police believe in the system,  while others believe in human nature. Once a critical change happens, the military and police will start to support people, and then the reset will occur. This has happened in Israel.


The Israeli military was about to overthrow Netanyahu in a revolution.  When the military sides with the people, the old system will collapse. When the collapse occurs, no one will know exactly what will happen.  If it happens too quickly, we will enter a negative timeline, our society will crash. If it happens in an intermediate timeline, the whole society will become unstable. If it happens in a positive timeline, human society will be reborn and enter a new Renaissance.


The light forces will guide the reset to happen at the right time.I know everybody is tired and so do I. We all want the Event to happen right now, but we need to know that there are 8 billion people living on Earth. We have to consider all kinds of things here  including animals and plants.


I know it’s exhausting to be a pioneer of all humanity, but what we have to consider is that if the reset happens too fast, we’ll be in big trouble.  We have to be ready for everything. When the reset happens, it’s a critical tipping point and that’s when the key persons have to do the right things. History has told us over and over again that key persons made the wrong decisions at key moments.


I hold this conference to instruct you to do the right things at the right moment. In the future, Some of you will need to make the right decisions on behalf of many people in a short period of time. You are the group of people who know the most about what’s going on in the world.


In the past 150 years, human mental body has been developing very rapidly. As the Earth’s magnetic field was significantly weakened by   the Carrington event, human mind  developed very quickly. Another factor is public education that enables people to read and write


In the second half of the 19th century, people could get a lot of information through libraries, newspapers and magazines. In the 1980s, the Resistance Movement introduced  the Internet to the surface population.  The Internet has become  very popular since 1995. People began to receive more and more information.  These conditions led to the conflict between positive and negative timelines.


Knowledge is power. Information can also give us more understanding and wisdom, but  it can also create dependency. When the dark forces see that the Internet has become very successful and that people are able to learn  a lot with it, they come up with a countermeasure. While the Resistance Movement introduced the Internet and personal computers, the dark forces introduced cell phones.


The dark forces added many functions to cell phones , so most people don’t need watches or cameras anymore. Now less and less people use computers.


Many people think that Bitcoin is anonymous, but all Bitcoin systems are based on Microsoft operating systems.


All Microsoft operating systems have a backdoor program which is  connected to NSA. This backdoor program is in fact a keyboard tracking software.  The dark forces  want to promote an online central bank currency  system. They want to eliminate cash and replace it with an  online banking system.


When we hold cash in our hands, we can have the power of that cash. Paper money is a symbol of abundance.  The plan to eliminate this physical symbol of abundance started hundreds of years ago.  200 years ago, people used gold, silver and copper coins. Metal coins, made of precious metal in particular, can bring  the energy of abundance. Then the bankers started to issue banknotes, which are less powerful for bringing abundance.


 People once could take their banknotes to a bank and exchange them for gold at a fixed price. As the banknotes and gold were interchangeable ( 1 gram = about 1 Euro ), the banknotes had more  purchasing power than now.


In 1971, Nixon announced that the United States dollar would be unpegged to gold. This caused the Dollar to undergo inflations. This cycle has reached a peak this year. Now the banknotes are not supported by anything. They are now a bunch of paper. The only support for the  financial system is our trust.


10 years ago, many people already predicted that Eastern  and Western countries would separate. Eastern countries like China, Russia and ASEAN countries will try to collect  gold secretly. When the financial system collapses, they can support their own national currency.


We all know that China and Russia are hoarding gold, but you might not know that many   European countries are also doing the same thing.  When financial reset happens,  gold will become the foundation of the new financial system.


The only reason the financial system works now is because people still trust it. It  is not backed by anything of concrete value. If the financial system is collapsed by a major shock, there will be two possible scenarios.


Negative scenario


Central banks go bankrupt and then close for weeks. Global transactions will be frozen. The solution will be implementation of digital money , AKA Central Bank Digital Currency System.


Suppose that you have 7,000 dollars in your bank account. When the bank reopens, you will still have 7,000 dollars in your bank account, but the money will be completely digital.  You will have to install a government-vetted App on your phone. You will have to show your digital ID before using that  money in your account.


From then on, the government will monitor your transfer to see if it is legal. The government will be able to decide everything. Your digital ID will determine when you can buy gas for your car. If you go to a gasoline station on any wrong day, you won’t be able to fuel your car.


Your wealth will become just a series of numbers on your phone. The dark forces want to completely  control your money and  your whereabouts. They will monitor what you eat and drink daily. They will know if you travel frequently. They will know what  books you buy in a bookstore. You will lose all your privacy.  


Positive scenario


The Resistance Movement has developed a very advanced AI. They have installed a backdoor program in the World Wide Web. When the time is right, the Resistance Movement will use this backdoor to spread a positive computer virus throughout the whole internet. In just a few hours, some files will be uploaded to some websites, while some websites will stop working.


Websites which belong to the Cabal will stop working. That computer virus will hack into  central banks’ computers. Many  computers and data centers use intranet, but it’s not an issue. Even if those computers are disconnected from the public internet, it is still possible to transmit data to an offline computer with scalar wave technology


All digital data works according to electromagnetic force, so it has to follow the laws of physics. The Resistance Movement can hack into that data. They can remove all the money from the Rockefellers In just  a few hours. When Rockefellers check their bank accounts, they will find out that there is no single dollar left.


There is no room for mistakes when it comes to things like this. The basic financial infrastructure must be ready. all negative technologies need  to be removed. The conditions in the energy planes have to be right as well.


When the reset happens, workers at  the nuclear power station cannot make any mistakes.  Workers in the global food supply chain and logistics cannot make any mistake. People in key positions cannot make any mistakes. We want to ensure there won’t be any nuclear missiles in the air or any nuclear power station goes into meltdown. We might  have some minor disruptions, but we can’t make any big mistakes.


We live in a closed system. it’s like a locked box that nobody in and nobody out. When the box is opened, we will find there is an unlimited  abundance in the universe.



This is Lucy. The inner core of this planet is full of diamonds. The planet is about as big as our Moon. It has 1034 carats of diamonds ( 34 zeros after 1)


When humanity reunites with our galactic family, people will begin to connect with their inner spiritual power and enjoy greater abundance.  True abundance can only be achieved by combining spirituality with physical reality. Once we are spiritually wealthy, we will naturally have physical abundance.


After the Archons invaded the Earth, they spread a false idea that people have to be poor in their lifetime in order to become spiritual. When you are a spiritually rich person, your physical life will be colorful.  Many people are too obsessed with  worldly wealth. When you are spiritually poor, then you are not a truly rich person.All poverty is deliberately created  by the dark forces


The real reason for poverty is that we live in a closed quarantine zone. According to the laws of thermodynamics, entropy value in a closed system will increase over time. So abundance will become less and less.  When our planet is free from quarantine, we will enjoy infinite abundance, both  spiritual and financial.


There is no poverty in the galactic society. Advanced galactic races who have mastered the physical realm can create a beautiful living environment out of thin air. Their living environment is a reflection of their inner beauty.



A psychological study shows the more physical wealth you have, the happier you are.  Physical abundance allows us to live a more comfortable, more convenient and a safer life.


If you are really poor, you might have to come to this conference venue on foot. Those who have little money can come here by bicycle. If you have some money, you can come here by motorcycle.  If you have more money, you can come here by driving your car.  If you have a galactic level of abundance, you can come here by starship.


Achieving abundance is a gradual process.  If you want to manifest abundance  in your life, you have to match your  abundance level with your own spiritual growth. Once you start doing your own missions, you can use the energy of St. Germain to get the abundance you need.


Manifestation Process


The universe is  a torus. The toroidal field is the basic principle of manifestation. Any material manifested into physical form t is originally an idea.



For example, this conference hall was originally a blueprint. The architect had to think about the size of the central pillars, the design of the ceiling , the number of light bulbs and the position of air conditioners.  All these things were just ideas at the beginning. The  architects, engineers  and  product designers told their ideas to workers. truck drivers then brought all the materials to the construction site. Eventually, the ideas and the materials together become this physical building.


This conference was initially an idea; then it became an event that you all came to participate in.  All matter goes through the same manifestation process .If we understand this principle, we can manifest anything  we want.Unfortunately we are not the only ones who know the law of manifestation.  The dark forces are very familiar with it as they were students of mystery schools before.


Most of the surface population do not know the laws of manifestation.Many people do not use their free will.manifestation is based on the sum of all free will. People with the  strongest free will can determine  the situation on Earth.


Every thought, decision, and action creates a ripple in reality. Many people are indecisive and often change their decisions. When a person has a clear mind and knows exactly what he wants, he will  send a very strong signal. It is important to understand that manifesting things into this physical plane  takes some time. It only takes about 10 minutes to manifest a cup of tea,but it  might take years to manifest a house.


As you know, it takes years to manifest the Event. Usually the bigger the goal , the more time it takes. If you  give up, then the process of manifestation will stop.  If you want to manifest a cup of tea, you won’t have it until you  add tea leaf into water.


If you want to manifest a house but you cancel the project and dismiss the construction team,  then there will be no house. If you have been working to manifest the Event for 10 years  and suddenly  give up,  the Event will happen someday, but it might take much longer without  your participation.  There must be a reason for you to manifest  something. To manifest a cup of tea certainly does not require persistence. Manifesting  a house requires some persistence. Manifesting the Event requires persistence and determination.  It is not necessary to be obsessed with the goal. The point is to stick to your main goal while having a balanced, normal life.


A key point  is to Live in the moment, do what needs to be done and  enjoy the process as much as possible. The world is not perfect, but we can try to enjoy it. Once you Live in the moment, you can understand the goals you want to manifest. You just have to keep doing it consistently and one day you will achieve it.


Three steps for the Law of Manifestation


Manifestation is not the Law of Attraction. The Law of attraction is a very distorted and narrow term. The law of manifestation is a three-step process: decision,  invocation and action. Decision is a mental activity in which you know exactly what you want to manifest with your free will.


No one but your I AM Presence can tell you what to manifest.You are a divinely sovereign being, so  can decide what you want to manifest.


Invocation is to add emotions to your goals. You can use emotional energy when you  fantasize things  you  want.  


Invocation can create persistence by adding your emotional energy to your decision. You can imagine how you will feel when you achieve your goal.


You cannot manifest anything without taking physical actions.


If you want to drink a cup of coffee, you can have  someone make coffee for you or buy  one by yourself.


If you want to manifest a house, then you have to take relevant actions.  You can look for a house or hire workers  to build one. If you  want to manifest the Event,  there are many things you can do to make the Event happen.  


As long as you repeat these three steps, I can guarantee that you can achieve what you want, even though it might  take a lot of time. As long as you make the right decisions, invoke and take physical actions, you are guaranteed to achieve your goals.


If you want to make a million dollars, you can make a million dollars. If you want a healthy life, you can have a healthy life.  If you want to make a big decision, you have to spend some time realizing it.


As long as we often practice the law of manifestation, our goals can be achieved  faster and faster. The manifestation process will become more and more efficient.  It will be so effective that other people will think you use magic.


Archons have lost a lot of power in the causal plane. We have taught Contract Revocation many times before. This new version will be more effective because the causal plane is in a much better condition.  Now it is easier for people to erase their soul contracts on the causal plane. The light forces are also helping us to do this, and we are getting better results than before.



Whenever we make a decision, our manifestation process will begin. Because there are many anomalies on the Earth, our manifestation process would not go very smoothly. There are always strange changes. When we find ourselves stuck in chaos,  when our life is full of anomalies, we must let go of these anomalies. We must stay away from chaos and anomalies and just let them pass.  The timeline will then reshape itself and bring new possibilities.


The dark forces  use their technology to block our manifestation process. If the dark forces get too strong over you, it is better try not to manifest anything.  The best time for manifestation is when your mind and body are balanced  and you can completely use your free will.


Whenever you encounter and want to solve a big problem, do not try to solve it  at once. You can start by solving small problems  you can handle. Doing so will create a positive resonance field  and then make things easier. When you are in a negative timeline, you can solve  small problems in your environment. In the next manifestation cycle, that problem will become easier and easier. Different things will have different cycles of manifestation.


Smaller things have shorter cycles, while complex things will naturally have complex cycles. Whenever anything goes wrong, we will solve  small problems within that big problem. When the next manifestation cycle starts, things start to get smoother and easier.


When you’re trying to manifest a house but everything goes wrong, solve a small part of the problem first, and you’ll find that in a few months or years things will be much easier.


Ritual of abundance


First, everyone  makes a big circle. Breathe in Light and visualize Light.


Call upon the presence of Saint Germain, ask him to manifest abundance in our lives and to manifest abundance for all mankind.


In the name of I AM that I AM

I invoke the presence of Master Saint Germain.

To create abundance in my life

And to create abundance for all mankind

So be it, and so it is.


Find a table and place your gold or silver coins on the table.  The gold or silver coins will serve as your seed of abundance.


In this process, silently invoke the presence of Saint Germain and ask him to bring abundance to all mankind.


Keep invoking Saint Germain during this process. Keep invoking Saint Germain when everyone is placing  their gold or silver coins  .


Once all coins are placed on the table,  call upon the presence of Saint Germain to bless these coins. Visualize these precious metals being  multiplied by thousands of times, and then becoming seeds of wealth which can manifest  abundance in our lives


I hereby call upon the presence of Saint Germain to bless these gold and silver

Let them be multiplied infinitely, tens of thousands of times to

 manifest abundance in my life and abundance  for all mankind.

So be it, and so it is.


Keep visualizing abundance. Be determined to have abundance. Take physical actions.


Galactic Wave of Love is one of the key aspects of future transformation. The Galactic Central Sun not only emits physical waves like X-ray and gamma rays, it also emits the energy of Cosmic Love. This Love energy will change the energy operations in this galactic sector,especially our solar system and the Earth. This Love energy  is not common yet, but  we are about to see some changes because we don’t have much time left. Things have to go faster.


Pluto entered Aquarius From Capricorn on March 23rd.

It would stay in Aquarius for three months, and then return to Capricorn.

It will re-enter Aquarius on January 20, 2024, staying in Aquarius until September 1, 2024

It will retrograde back to Capricorn and then re-enter Aquarius on November 19, 2024

After that, Pluto will stay in Aquarius until 2043.


From this March to November 2024, it is a very important period of change. The old  and the new system  will coexist during this period. The old  is collapsing and the new is being born.


This is a period of very dramatic change.  Portal of Light meditation can make this period of change go smoothly.  Huge things are  happening behind the scenes. We are going  to solve problems that have not been solved in the past 26,000 years.


We have defeated Lords of Karma on the causal plane. We will win many battles. We are now going to help mankind to achieve the ultimate victory.


ATVOR  is the spiritual technology of the Light Forces.  This technology can assist Planetary liberation and  our personal ascension progress. This is a technology developed by Ashtar Command. It can create a pillar of light of high vibrational frequency. It can influence  the quantum field, so it can change physical and energy planes.  ATVOR was recently upgraded by Mjolnir technology.


Mjolnir technology is very powerful and uncommon in our galaxy.  The Earth is a special place, so it  requires a more drastic measure.


The Ascended beings use ATVOR technology to assist individual and  collective ascension.


We can use ATVOR to help ourselves by visualizing a pillar of light going through our minds and bodies.


ATVOR  Protocol


Visualize a huge pillar of  brilliant  white light coming down from the sky, going through your body,  into the center of the earth. Visualize this pillar of light recharging your body.


You can do this meditation whenever you feel  so-guided.


I call  upon the pillar brilliant  white light to  descend upon me and form around me.

I call upon the presence of I AM that I AM

I ask the presence of I AM THAT I AM to join and merge with me.


When the pillar of brilliant  white light (ATVOR ) descends upon you, it can activate your light body.  Once your light body t is fully activated, it becomes your personal portal / spacecraft. After the ascension, we can use our own light body to travel freely without taking a spaceship.


Light body is a rotating torus. When two high-dimensional electron flames enter your body and intersect with the rising Kundalini energy within you at your heart chakra, they will together create a toroidal field.  This field rotates at very high speed.  When you manage to make it rotate at  the speed of light, you will ascend.


Human aura is a rotating torus. When we humans get closer to Liberation and the First Contact, starships of Ashtar Command will become more active around the Earth and Earth’s orbit.  These ships,  including the Pleiadian fleet, wil be more active in assisting humans’ ascension.The Pleiadians would project pillars of ATVOR onto awakened the surface population to assist their transform and spiritual growth. Awakened people will  begin to have formal  communication with Ashtar Command. This mutual connection was broken by 1996 Archon Invasion.


The dark forces have  used much misinformation to discredit Ashtar Command. People have many misconceptions  about it.


Anyone who really has ever been in contact with Ashtar Command knows that the contact is a very positive and spectacular experience.


Ashtar Command takes care of our spiritual development. Now it is easier to connect to Ashtar Command in dreams or meditations.  This will happen more and more because we are about to see the final flash. Pleiadian Command and Ashtar Command are working together. It’s easier for Pleiadians to work directly with the surface population. They will make our meditation on May 1st  go more smoothly.


Once  you use ATVOR frequently, you can help testing this technology on behalf of the surface population.  ATVOR will someday become a levitation beam  technology. It will be able to suck people into the motherships. People will be lifted from the ground and enter starships via this levitation beam. It’s now too dangerous to beam people up with  this technology because the dark forces will interfere. The Light Forces will use ATVOR technology to beam people up  when it is safe to do so.


Blue Bubble Protection Protocol


This simple meditation  can protect us from negative interference. Whenever you need protection, you visualize a pillar of Light surrounding and merging with you. Visualize the Light expand and form a protective barrier. Then visualize a blue bubble surrounding your energy field and say its invocation  three times.


May a bubble of blue Light surround me.

May the blue light bless and protect me from all negative  energies.

So be it, and so it is.


The Pleiadian High Command and the Ashtar Command have developed  this protocol to help us get through the transition period safely. Everyone knows “Command 1221, Command 771 and “Command PB stardust. ”


You can still use these protocols when you need help. The Pleiadian High Command has also suggested that I promote tachyonized products to the surface population. One of the key aspects of this is to construct more tachyon healing chambers which will  serve two purposes. One is to assist the healing process of the surface population. The other is to support the surface light grid. Many tachyon healing chambers have been built around the world. They are already part of the Planetary grid of Light. We need to build more tachyon healing chambers so  the light grid will be  more stable at the time of the Event.


One significant aspect of the upcoming big change is the return of Goddess energy, which has been seriously suppressed over the past few thousand years. The suppression is so serious that has really affected human evolution.


Goddess energy is the pure feminine aspect. It actually comes from the Galactic Central Sun, As the Galactic Central Sun becomes more and more active, more and more Goddess energy will enter the surface world. This is the energy of the Galactic Love.It will actually help the Earth to change smoothly.  Otherwise ,the transition will be very intense and dangerous. Goddess energy is the energy of care and compassion. The dark forces are against Goddess energy. They distort it by planting a very strong mind programming to humans.


In the surface world, Goddess energy is considered as a symbol of weakness. The truth is, the Goddess energy is the most powerful force in the universe. It is stronger than any other energy. It is more powerful than all wars and all darkness combined. It is the energy for all changes to happen. If we can cultivate care and compassion in our beings and help more people cultivate these qualities, we will be able to anchor more Goddess energy on the surface world. Future transitions will become more balanced.


Another aspect of Goddess energy is the energy of beauty.beauty is the expression of soul.We can express our beauty in many ways.  We can express beauty through architecture, music and art. Women can express the beauty of the goddess through their bodies.


Many spiritual communities have neglected women’s outer beauty for a long time. However, the energy of beauty can improve our connection with our souls/ higher self.


Goddess energy can also bring a new Renaissance.  This new renaissance will lead to a new era of spiritual awakening. People will begin to appreciate beauty once again.


For the past two decades, the Archons have suppressed humans’ sense of beauty, because they know  pure, beautiful things can connect humans with souls. They have made things ugly. They’ve produced ugly and dreadful music.They have made many women have weird, unnatural body shapes. Many models in the fashion industry have been out of normal shapes. These mind programming are destroying women’s beauty.


Many years ago, during the return of the goddess, we created a community whose mission is  to anchor Goddess energy. This community is Sisterhood of the Rose. The Sisterhood  is actually an ancient organization that has been in existence for thousands of years. It was  responsible for anchoring Goddess energy in ancient times. Many sisters worked together  in ancient Egypt, France and many different cultures.


Project Goddess Temple is meant to effectively revitalize Goddess energy on the Earth.


This is also part of the New Atlantis project. It is not about creating a new religion for people to worship Goddess. The key point is to create a public space where people can appreciate  Goddess energy.  


you can build a Goddess temple in your own space. The temple should be open to the public at least twice a week so they can experience and learn more about Goddess energy. You can invite people to join Goddess-related meditations, concerts, art shows in your Goddess temple. You can always find a room in a  healing / spiritual center  to build a Goddess temple.


When Goddess temples reach a certain level of development, I will put their addresses on my blog.we are also building a grid of Goddess temples. After the Event, more goddess temples will be built around the world.


We are reviving the mysteries of Atlantis time.We will build many Goddess temples along and far away from the old Atlantean Goddessequator.  If people are inspired and feel so guided to build a Goddess temple,  they should build as many temples as possible.


Reptilian control grid seriously suppresses Goddess energy. This grid is still very active in the etheric plane. When people have a conflict, reptilians will show up and create more misunderstandings among conflicting parties.They do this to furtherly  suppress Goddess energy. Once this control grid becomes weaker and weaker, Goddess energy will flow into humans more easily.  There will be less conflict. Lightworker communities will become much more harmonious and efficient.


Once Reptilian control grid is removed, there will be an energy breakthrough. Goddess energy will naturally flow  into our bodies. When the  scalar wave control grid is gone, more Goddess energy will flow into the Earth, especially around the old equator. That’s why   it is better to build Goddess temples along this old equator.Goddess energy in other areas will increase as well.


We have friends and family members above and below the surface. They are waiting for  us to reunite with them. Soul families will be reunited very soon. we will have a very good future and a wonderful abundance in our life.


The Light will eventually return. We will soon witness this grand moment. We are about to be reunited with our galactic family. We’re going to see our star brothers and sisters once again. We are going to start our divine mission.  We are going to share the light.


Anything is impossible until someone does it. We are going to do what seems impossible to others. This conference ends tonight. Good luck to everyone.



Interpreter:Patrick Shih


Proofreader:Cobra、Patrick Shih、傳奇


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