本傑明·富爾福德 2015年7月27日訊息 俄羅斯與五角大樓的聯盟正在終結可薩黑手黨的統治

Last week a Russian White Dragon Society representative came to Japan to cement an alliance with other factions of the WDS around the world. As a part of this, the WDS authorized the release of this photograph:


The person pictured with this writer (in his capacity as WDS spokesperson) is Masaaki Hatsumi (はつみまさあき). Hatsumi runs the Bujinkan martial arts training school, which has trained over 250,000 special operations troops and has a network of 50 training centers worldwide.




His name is a household word among people involved in actual fighting and real martial arts worldwide. He trains FBI, British, US, Russian, Iranian and other Special Forces. Chinese sources say he is the only Japanese citizen who has free access to the top levels of the Chinese government. At the meeting, Hatsumi expressed support for WDS goals.
他的名字在格鬥和真實武術界家喻戶曉。他訓練過美國聯邦調查局丶英國的丶美國的丶俄羅斯的丶伊朗的,和其他特種部隊。captive nation的消息來源說,他是唯一一個有權訪問captive nation政府頂層的日本公民。在會議上,初見表達了對白龍會綱領的支持。
The alliance of the world’s top fighting forces has spelled doom for the Khazarian mafia and their rapidly shrinking coterie of slave politicians. In particular, the Pentagon has begun coordinating with the Russians against the Khazarian mafia and multiple politicians who have been bribed by the Khazarian mob .
Last week again, multiple developments around the world made it very clear the worldwide Khazarian mafia control grid continues to be dismantled. For example, the Pentagon issued a photograph of Defense Secretary Ashton Carter with top Khazarian mobster and war criminal Benyamin Netanyahu showing a clearly distraught and angry Netanyahu.
As we wrote last week, he was read the riot act. He was told Israel’s “Iron Dome” anti-missile defenses had been rendered useless and Israel was defenseless. Netanyahu was forced to hand over 16 Cobra helicopters to Jordan and pay big money to buy accident prone Ospreys from the Americans.
After Carter left, Israel’s military and intelligence establishment made public moves to distance themselves from the criminal Netanyahu.
The Carter visit was followed by a heavy duty assault against Israel’s proxy ISIS forces in the Middle East. The Saudis arrested 431 Khazarian ISIS agents while the Turks arrested 251. This was followed by US bombers flying out of Turkey to attack ISIS forces in Syria while avoiding attacks on Syrian government troops.
In the Ukraine, meanwhile, the Russians have accumulated over 2500 pages of war crimes evidence against the Khazarian Nazi Ukrainian regime. The Pentagon is helping dismantle the Nazi network in the Ukraine in exchange for Russian help in the Middle East and Iran. That is why there were reports of military attacks against the Nazi army in the Ukraine last week.
Needless to say, States Department Nazi Victoria Nuland and here Khazarian bosses are in deep trouble and will be headed for jail as a result of their criminal actions in the Ukraine.
There were also new moves against the Khazarian mafia in the United States. The ongoing efforts to force Hitlery Clinton to face criminal charges of “using a private computer for secret government work” are just a cover for more serious charges like mass murder. The outing of John McCain as a traitor and not a war hero is another part of this campaign against Khazarian mafia henchmen in Washington DC.
The recent Congressional move to take citizenship away from Americans who support terrorism was passed at Pentagon request and is aimed mainly at Israeli/US double citizens engaged in troublemaking, a Pentagon source says.
Also, increasing pressure is being put on house slave acting president Barack Obama to not only release hidden information about 911 and 311 but also to release information about Malaysian air flight 17. Release of information about the shooting down of flight 17 will implicate Israel, Jeb Bush and Obama himself, multiple agency sources concur.
The revelations about the eugenics and population control Bush/Rockefeller front, Planned Parenthood, selling organs of aborted fetuses was another aspect of the attack against the Khazarian Satanic network. There will be more revelations about missing children and other evil acts in the US coming out as multiple investigations close in on all sides against the Khazarians, according to Vatican P2 sources.
Moves to dismantle Khazarian mafia control of the major media companies are also underway. The Rothschild’s sold off their stake in the Financial Times Newspaper to the Japanese Nikkei group as a way of cashing out before having their media control confiscated by anti-trust action, according to MI5 sources. The Nikkei group is employee owned and promise the FT will have editorial independence. Having worked for the Nikkei in the past, I can say they are editorially timid and not very international minded but, they will probably keep their word about FT editorial independence.
Another move against Khazarian media control was the blocking of efforts by the Comcast Corporation to take over Time Warner Cable. Time Warner will be taken over by a group not affiliated with the Khazarian mafia. The EU has further acted by filing an anti-trust action against 6 major Hollywood studios. The Chinese have also moved in on Hollywood and have already made major changes to the content of the movies produced there.
另一個對可薩媒體控制權採取的行動是,阻止康卡斯特集團接管時代華納有線。時代華納集團將會被一家不隸屬於可薩黑手黨的集團接管。歐盟已經進一步行動,對6家荷李活工作室發起反了托拉斯行動。captive nation人同樣也已經進軍荷李活,並且已經對那裡的內容生產做出了主要的改變。
The moves against Khazarian control of the media will continue to intensify over the coming months, multiple sources said. The Rothschilds are also, for example, now trying to find a buyer for their flagship magazine “the Economist” also known as “the Imperialist. ” Chinese and Japanese buyers are sniffing around. The other Khazarian press barons too, will soon be under strong pressure to either start publishing the unvarnished truth or get out of the media business, according to WDS sources.
多個消息來源說,針對可薩人的媒體控制權而採取的行動,將會在接下來的幾個月當中加劇。羅斯柴爾德家族也是同樣,比如,他們現在正在為他們的《經濟學家》,同樣也被稱為《帝國主義者》的旗艦雜誌尋找買家。captive nation和日本的買家正在四處打探。根據白龍會的消息來源說,其它的可薩新聞巨頭也是一樣,將很快處於強大的壓力之下,要麽公開未加修飾的事實,要麽退出媒體業務。
Some of the British press is already waking up to the new reality and have begun to release hitherto taboo information. For example, Lord Sewel was forced to resign from the House of Lords after photographs of him snorting cocaine with prostitutes appeared in the press.
http://www.news.com.au/world/europe/deputy-speaker-of-house-of-lords-resigns-after-being-filmed-snorting-cocaine-with-two-prostitutes/story-fnh81p7g- 1227457965932
Lord Sewel is a key ally of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. His resignation will help pave the ground for more resignations and arrests culminating in pedophile and murder charges being made against former Prime Minister Tony Blair, according to MI5 agents. Tony Blair, of course, is one of the top Bush/Nazi faction agents in the UK so his arrest will lead to other, higher ranked criminals.
The move against Sewel was followed by erroneous reports on US internet news sites about the death of Queen Elizabeth. Photographs of the Queen making a Nazi salute as a young child were also released in the corporate press. The Queen is fine, has been photographed in public recently and is not about to be intimidated, according to MI5. Nonetheless, the Queen would be well advised to release all information about her family’s links with the Nazis and Hitler before it is released by other, not necessarily friendly, sources.
The various political and military moves against the Khazarians coincided with intensified economic and financial warfare. Citibank and JP Morgan have been pushing down worldwide commodities prices with heavy selling in the futures markets. The result has been a huge slump in commodities prices, notably oil, silver, copper and gold. This slump has continued even though physical demand remains strong. The fact that there was illegal manipulation of the gold futures market aimed at pushing the price of gold down shows how desperate the cabalists are to push its price down.
This appears to be aimed against captive nation because Chinese have been accumulating as many physical assets as they can as part of their move to take control of the financial system away from the Khazarian mob. The Chinese have responded to this commodities move by dumping over $520 billion in US treasuries in the past 5 quarters according to JP Morgan.
這似乎是針對captive nation的,因為captive nation人已經在盡可能多地囤積實體資產,來作為他們行動的一部分,去從可薩匪徒那裡接管金融系統控制權。根據摩根大通的消息來源,作為對這次商品價格操縱行動的回應,captive nation人已經在過去5個季度中,拋售了5200億美元的美國國債。
The WDS believes that neither Galactic Empire government nor the Khazarian mafia should be in charge of the world’s financial system. Instead, all the criminal parts of the private banking system need to be shut down and nationalized. There also needs to be a return to the historical norm of government controlled currency, not Khazarian (or Chinese) gangster control.
白龍會相信,無論是captive nation共產主義政府還是可薩黑手黨,都不應該負責管理世界金融系統。相反,所有私人銀行系統當中的罪惡部分,都應該被關閉並國有化。貨幣的歷史性發行權同樣也需要被歸還給政府,而不是可薩(或captive nation人)黑幫分子所控制。
Military types like to have a clear target when they take action. The answer is they need to take over the Federal Reserve Board, the European Central Bank and the Bank of Japan. This would only require about 1000 special forces troops, at the most, to accomplish.
Taking over these institutions can be done in a way that does not disrupt the real economy. Furthermore, confiscating assets illegally taken from the people by Khazarian gangsters will lead to an unprecedented boom. In Japan alone, the amount of money stolen by Khazarian gangsters over the past decade would be worth $100,000 for every man, woman and child in the country.
In the US the sum stolen by gangsters pretending to be central bankers would be even greater. In criminal law it is a given that stolen assets need to be returned to their rightful owners. These owners are the average tax-paying citizens of the planet. Police and military agencies around the world have a duty to enforce the law and arrest criminals. Top central bankers are proven criminals. So, what are we waiting for?
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